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A blue whale.

Whales are large creatures throughout the Ecco universe, and are regarded for their wisdom.

Blue Whale[]

Blue Whales are the only whales that appear in the original Ecco universe. They are massive creatures that take up several whole screens by themselves.

Ecco encounters blue whales a number of times during his journey. The first one that he meets is Big Blue in hopes of getting the answers where to find his vanished pod. In Ecco: The Tides of Time, Ecco encounters a whole pod of them, possibly Big Blue's former pod. Ecco and the blue whales communicate through their sonar.

Humpback Whale[]

Humpback Whales or "the great ones" as they are referred to by some creatures, first appear in Aquamarine Bay. They are very large but friendly and often travel with their young. The fully grown adults are even able to push large bodies of rocks.