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These are links to other websites related to Ecco the Dolphin and Ed Annunziata's works.


The largest Ecco The Dolphin community on Reddit

Ecco the Dolphin Online

An Ecco the Dolphin community dedicated to reverse engineering, game oddities & preservation of resources pertaining to the series.

Other Fansites[]

Tiny Tank Wiki

Links related to The Little Blue and The Big Blue.[]

Playchemy Community Forums - The official forums for The Little Blue and The Big Blue. Ed and the team are seeking feedback about the games here and also post the latest updates on the boards.

Ed Annunziata's Twitter - Get the latest news from Ed!

Playchemy Website

Playchemy Twitter

Playchemy Facebook page

Illumina Studios Website

Big Blue Facebook page

Big Blue Twitter

Original Big Blue Kickstarter Page - Funding window has closed.

Original Big Blue Kickstarter Video

Interviews and other press[]

Fighting the Tide: The Struggle to Revive Ecco the Dolphin - Polygon piece on Ed's history as a developer and information prior to the Big Blue Kickstarter launch.

Gaming Furever Interview

Sega Nerds Interview - Ed talks about the history of Ecco and plans for the Big Blue.

Gamespot Interview - Ed discusses the early history of Ecco and his plans for the Big Blue / Little Blue.

Eurogamer Interview - Ed reflects on The Big Blue's failed Kickstarter and gives more information about the history of Ecco. He also talks about his plans for The Little Blue and The Big Blue.