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The Vortex Sea Whip is a type of vortex fauna/creation resembling a spherically-segmented worm. It is not directly apparent whether they are sentient creatures, as they move autonomously regardless of Ecco's distance or actions. Having long, large bodies made up of spiny spheres, they appear much more mechanical in nature than surrounding fauna, and possibly exist as traps or barriers created by the Vortex. If Ecco gets too close they will smack him backward taking a signififcant amount of health from him, and if he is near a wall, instantly killing him. As they


Vortex Sea Whip appearing in Lunar Bay. In the process of swinging backward.

do not pursue Ecco or seem to notice his presence, they cannot be considerded an active threat. Bristling spikes around their edges and the fast, sudden movements that they make could be due to current changes.

Another possible use could be as a food gathering device for the Vortex.