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Vortex Dragon is left corner of screen. Notice the painful-looking body it possesses...

The Vortex Dragon[citation needed] is an entity which appears in the Dark Vortex Future. It is immediately apparent when Ecco arrives at this future, sporadically and fluidly flying around and through various parts of the level as he takes his first few swims. While it can easily be destroyed with a charged Sonar blast, this creature moves erratically and harms Ecco periodically as it comes into contact with him. It is one of the few lifeforms that exist within the relatively abandoned Vortex airships and structures. Whether it is a native Vortex fauna or a possible mutation of a Sea Worm over the many years is unapparent, however it remains one of the more eerie and obscure enemies inEcco: The Tides of Time.

Biology, Characteristics[]

The Vortex Dragon highly resemble species of Sea Worms found within Atlantis, as they are free-roaming and share similar behavior and structure, yet are endowed with larger and thicker bodies, and are black with larger, more sinister looking spines than other "variations". When Vortex Dragons are within proximity, a buzzing/engine noise can be heard, indicating possible bio-mechanical physiology.