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The fifth level in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. Here, Ecco learns the Power of Endurance and the Power of Invisibility. Two bonus levels, Pathways from Nowhere and Passage from Genesis, can be accessed from this level (once the game is beaten in the PS2 version).

The level starts out in an enclosed area full of hydrothermal vents, including one large one that is Ecco's only way out. Successfully navigating the treacherous heated tunnel rewards the player with a gratifying leap from a giant waterfall and a lush island pool.



  • Passage from Genesis: In the entrance area, there is a tunnel with a current coming out of it directly beneath the glyph there. In front of the cave where these are located, there is a round rock that Ecco must move in front of himself in order to pass through the current. Once within, the player is able to pick up the Power of Sonar, and solving a simple door puzzle will give you access to the bonus level.
  • Ride the Vent: An opening cutscene shows one large vent in the center of the enclosed cavern the level starts out in. A boulder has stopped it up. Ecco must find the Power of Sonar hidden in one of the small caves in order to break it and proceed. Upon entering the current, Ecco will begin losing health, and unless the player picks up the Power of Endurance found in the hydrothermal tunnel (even if the Power of Endurance was picked up prior to entering), Ecco will continue to lose health until he dies. Vents, falling rocks, and sharp stone formations must be evaded as Ecco rides the current upward.
  • Pathways from Nowhere: At the brink of the waterfall, there is a strange ring. 5 pink gems can be found one at a time throughout this area and must be brought to the ring. When all 5 gems are retrieved, a rainbow comes out of the ring, allowing passage to a small pool that was inaccessible before, bringing Ecco to the bonus level.
  • Power of Invisibility Puzzle: At the bottom of the waterfall there is an area swarmed with stingrays. One large stingray hides the keystone that unlocks the Power of Invisibility. As shown by a glyph, a sea turtle will scare the stingray out of its comfy spot. Ecco can use the Song of the Turtle to his advantage here, but ironically, the Song of the Ray does nothing to scare the giant ray. After obtaining the Power of Invisibility, Ecco can pass the mirror blocking the exit to the next level.


  • On Dreamcast, players are able to access the bonus levels without completing the game first.
  • Ecco can jump behind the waterfall into a cave that leads back into the heated tunnel. This can be used to collect Vitalits that were missed on the way up, but not all of them.
  • If a player wriggles through the gap between the rock wall and sea floor to escape the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, you can swim up to "mirror-Ecco" and find that he himself has no collision.