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Tube of Medusa is the second section of Sky Tides and the third section of Skyway. It is slightly similar to Sky Tides, but it is not side-scrolling.


Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 9.13

The main creature here is the Giant Floating Medusa. It tends to chase the player, block his or her way, and throw them very far.


First, go to the left tunnel. Stay on the left side of that tunnel. The very left. The Floating Medusa will be next to you. Don't worry, just keep swimming. Then, you will need to think fast. Jump right and keep going until you get to the end. Watch out for some difficult jumps. At some point, the creature will disappear. Just keep going to enter Fin to Feather.


  • The level's name is similar to that of Vents of Medusa. However, the two are not related.