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The Undercaves
The Undercaves (7)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Find the exit.
Level # 3
Previous Level Bay of Medusa
Next Level The Vents

The Undercaves is the third level of Ecco the Dolphin and the first "challenging" level in the game. Few singers make it through the air-less caves and dangerous passages.

Area Information[]

The Undercaves is a maze level. The Key Glyph above the start must be first touched to activate the Barrier Glyph on the left. Travelling left and down will lead Ecco to the Snail wall which can be destroyed by charging. A Wentletrap is found here and must be used to destroy the rocks below, but before this a Key Glyph can be found in the passage above after some Puffer Fish. Breaking these rocks gains access to the area where Eight Arms lurks, and Ecco must swim slowly to pass, taking into consideration air. After deactivating the Barrier Glyph below the end of the level is in sight.