Ecco The Dolphin Wiki


The Tube is twenty-fifth level and the initial component of the Vortex spaceship. It transports life forms caught up in the food vaccuum to the main section, The Machine. The Tube itself is quite lengthy. Stars can be seen on the player's screen outside of the structure, this means that the food is being transported out of the earth's atmosphere and to the ship.

Ecco enters the Tube after using the Time Machine to return to Home Bay before the storm and this time being absorbed together with his pod. With his powers granted to him by the Asterite, Ecco is the only member of his pod strong enough to move around inside. Meanwhile the rest of his pod has been pulled into the unknowns of the inner section of the ship.


The suction machines.

There are a number of devices located within which are used to kill off anything that may have survived the initial Vortex attack as well as doubling as a defence system. Early on Ecco will encounter strange machines that emit humning sounds before rapidly pulling him towards them. If Ecco touches these machines he will die almost instantly unless he swerves to avoid them or destroys them with his Death Sonar. There are dozens of these machines going all the way up the height of the Tube. The ones located in the deeper sections produce greater suction speeds.


An electrical trap firing at Ecco.

The next threat Ecco encounters are sets of electrical shock traps. These traps will launch jolts of electricity across the screen and severely harm Ecco. They do not appear to have motion sensing capabilities as they activate and fire at differing intervals.


A drone device launching itself at Ecco.

Towards the top section newer, deadlier traps are introduced. The first of these is a drone-like device which will come flying down the tube and launch itself at Ecco. Not only do these do physical damge to Ecco, they can also crush him against the wall or pin him at the bottom of the screen causing instant death. They can be destroyed with Ecco`s sonar, after which they break into pieces and disappear.


Tube Jellyfish

Perhaps most incredible of all is the fact there is a species of jellyfish that is able to live in this area. They are not effected by the powerful suction forces inside the Tube and are able to swim freely. They could possibly be scavengers which feed off the remains of creatures sucked into the tube. They are however nowhere to be seen inside the next section, The Machine. The reason for this could be that the Vortex Drones possibly feed off them, or there could be a different kind of water inside which they are not able to survive in.

After surviving the incredible onslaught inside The Tube, Ecco managed to make it to the top and entered the main and final section of the Vortex spaceship, The Machine.