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The Marble Sea
The Marble Sea (5)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Find the exit.
Level # 13 (Genesis), 19 (CD)
Previous Level Deep Water (Genesis), Deep Gate (CD)
Next Level The Library

The Marble Sea is the thirteenth level of Ecco the Dolphin in Genesis, or the nineteenth level in Sega CD. This is the first Atlantis level.

The song that plays is Ice Zone.

Area Information[]

Move left to find a current and a rock, break through the gold chains with your dash downward and then bring the stone to help you push past the currents

To the left is a statue you can sing to in order to get invincibility. Going straight down then to the right leads to a glyph when sung to will say: Access Granted

Going just right will have a path with blocks and a gold inlaid rock that you can push to break the silver chain to get the key glyph.

Find the lock glyph and you'll progress to The Library