Ecco The Dolphin Wiki
The Last Fight
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Defeat Vortex Queen
Level # 27
Previous Level Welcome to the Machine
Next Level (Japanese Only) The Stomach

The Last Fight is the very last level of Ecco the Dolphin. It consist of a boss fight against the Vortex Queen, which has to be beaten in order to complete the game. The boss fight is infamous for warping Ecco back to Welcome to the Machine when they are killed. In Windows 95 version however this was scrapped and the boss fight simply starts over.

Area Information[]

The Vortex Queen spawns in the center of the map and Ecco must first use their sonar at her eyes to destroy them, watch out for the orbs that fly out when they are damaged as they will hurt Ecco. While fighting Vortex Drone will spawn from above. Occasionally the Queen will open her jaw to eat and Ecco can be sucked inside. If Ecco is eaten this way in the Japanese version they will be sent to The Stomach.

Once the eyes are gone you then focus dashing her jaw. Once it's breaks off entirely you have to dash at her skull while Vortex Drone spawn above and on the Queen.

The Vortex Queen will explode in sea life and dolphins and the final cutscene will play as the Vortex is defeated.