The Lagoon
The Lagoon (3)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Find the exit. Rescue the 3 dolphins (optional).
Level # 5
Previous Level The Vents
Next Level Ridge Water
Typical Creatures Common Jellyfish, Puffer Fish, Grey Shark, Eight Arms, Bottlenose Dolphin, Sea Leech, Stone Eating Star, Red Crab

The Lagoon is the fifth level of Ecco the Dolphin. An optional but recommended mission is rescuing the 3 Bottlenose Dolphins throughout the level, as this will teach Shark Sonar to Ecco.

Area Information

This large area poses many threats and dangers. A red Eight Arms is present here, blocking access to the last portion of the level. Stone Eating Stars are present in three areas, and must be sung to. Pushing these towards rocks will destroy the rock, and they additionally destroy any enemies that are in contact, something useful when the wave of Red Crabs attacks at the end of the level. Three dolphins can be rescued here, one is at the far left of the level from the start in a passage, the second is at the bottom of the deep hole Ecco starts in, and the third is beyond Eight Arms. Using Echolocation is useful in this level.

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