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Teleport Rings were created by the Atlanteans for Ecco to use to travel great distances in a short period of time. They are only seen in Ecco: The Tides of Time.

3D Levels[]

When Ecco enters a teleport ring, he will be taken to one of the 3D levels. In these levels the camera takes a horizontal view from behind Ecco as he tries to swim into the teleport rings that appear before him. The 3D levels are peculiar in that they are some of the few levels where Ecco has unlimited oxygen, as a result he only has a health bar in these levels. In the top section of the screen are a few ring icons, which represent the number of rings you can miss before you fail the level. On higher difficulty levels the waters will be rougher, making it harder to control Ecco. There will also be more physical obstacles, which will harm Ecco and make it harder to get to the rings. Higher difficulty levels also feature more toxic Shelled Ones that will attack Ecco, while other creatures such as sharks will lunge across the screen to attack him. Ecco can defend himself in these levels using his sonar, however this is risky as the sonar will also instantly destroy any ring it makes contact with. If the player fails to pass the level, they will not restart from the 3D level but will instead be returned to the start of the level that featured the teleport ring and will have to try again from there.