Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

Ecco lets off a sonar blast.

Sonar is one of Ecco's basic and most important powers.

Sonar has many uses. Echolocation, interacting with objects and communicating with other singers are the three primary uses. Another use is for singing to the Shelled Ones in the original games.

There are many temporary upgrades available for the sonar.

Ecco the Dolphin[]

Confusion Sonar[]

The Confusion Sonar will temporarily stun sharks and other creatures for a very short period of time, allowing Ecco to charge at them. It does not work on all creatures.

Charge Sonar[]

The Charge Sonar is activated by tapping the B and A buttons at the same time on the controller, causing Ecco to charge and activate his sonar at the same time. The Charge Sonar can damage almost anything in the game including Giant Seahorses, and is a vital skill Ecco will need on his journey.

Death Sonar[]

The Death Sonar is the final sonar powerup. It is granted to Ecco by the Asterite at the end of the game. By tapping A, Ecco will let off a powerful sonar beam. It can destroy almost anything including some of the obstacles in The Tube and the Vortex Drones.

Pulsar Sonar[]

Ecco can be empowered by a Pulsar if he sings to it. This powers up sonar, which will send out a peripheral blast in all directions when the player taps the A button twice. The pulsar blast not only damages enemies but can also destroy objects such as falling rocks, and to be noted rocks will reset if you leave the frame to early.

Defender of the Future[]

Power of Sonar[]

The Power of Sonar temporarily grants an increase in power. It performs the same function as the Death Sonar from classic games. It can break holes in rock walls and can damage and defeat larger enemies.