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Lots of Crabworms in the Sea of Crabs.

The "Sea of Crabs" is the nickname for the eighth level in the Ecco 2 Alpha which, as the moniker suggests, is saturated with crabs. Tethercrabs and Crabsnakes, along with Crabworms abound. A baby Orca as well as an adult Orca also reside in the level. This adult Orca shows an early version of the death of the Asterite, the queen using star-shaped projectiles instead of the inverted red boomerang-shaped pulses in the final version of the game.

This level was a testbed for Vortex Future enemis such as the Vortex Snake or the Vortex Dragon.


The Sea of Crabs has lots of Crabsnakes.

Ecco 2 Beta006

Tethercrabs, there be many.