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Schooling Fish
Schooling fish ecco
Echolocation Sprite N/A
Type Fish
Life 1
Attacks None
Weakness Edible
Locations Multiple levels
Appearances Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco: The Tides of Time, Ecco: Defender of the Future
Schooling Fish
Schooling fish junior
Reaction Flees when Ecco swims near or hits them with sonar. Small orange schools will flash when hit with sonar.
Type Fish
Locations Multiple levels.
Appearances Ecco Junior

Schooling Fish are an important game element in every Ecco game. In all games except Ecco Junior they feed Ecco and restore his life. Schooling fish come in many varieties and colours.

In Ecco Junior they serve as an objective in The Fish Caves, where dolphins must herd them with their sonar into either Seahorse cave. In Ecco: Defender of the Future a dolphin in Aquamarine Bay requests that Ecco brings him a red fish.

A related school is that of Shoaling Shells, a unique school of shells only found in a few levels of Ecco Junior.


Schooling fish swim in schools throughout a region of levels. When charged they tend to flee, but soon regain their formation.