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The sixth level in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, which features the game's only chase sequence, and introduces the player to the Power of Metamorphosis.

The level starts out in an underwater cavern with access to air, and a small waterfall. It is patrolled by sharks and plagued with poisonous jellies, but these are the least of your worries, as you'll soon find out. After being chased by a huge electric eel, Ecco finds an ancient chamber sealing away the Power of Metamorphosis, which must be used to finally reach Atlantis and the Guardian.


  • Eel Chase: The eel lies in wait at the beginning of a tunnel that leads out of the entrance pool. Once the chase begins, Ecco must dodge the eel's lightning bolts while navigating the twisting caverns. The player must be careful to avoid the poisonous jellyfish, antidote fish, and falling boulders during the chase. The eel's pursuit ends suddenly when rocks block its way.
  • Eel's Curse Puzzle: Ecco finds himself in a cramped cave with a wall that has six stone buttons with unsettling paintings of eels. Pushing the wrong buttons will briefly release a harmful toxin. Pressing the button that have dolphins pointing to them will open the door above the wall to the Metamorphosis chamber.
  • Power of Metamorphosis: The Power of Metamorphosis can be plainly seen floating in the center of the chamber, around which a large fish is swimming. By touching the Power of Metamorphosis and then touching the fish, Ecco can transform into a fish in order to fit through the grate that leads to the outside, ending the level.


  • Though the Power of Stealth is needed to start the eel chase, the power is scripted to immediately run out upon doing so.
  • If a player changes into the fish and wriggles out of the level geometry, they can go back and see the giant eel still in its chase animation in the tunnel. Underneath where the rocks fall to block it, there is also a still lightning bolt, and a black box that makes the camera show the fallen rocks when you swim up to it. Further out, it is also possible to find a dolphin stuck in a swimming animation that looks similar to the dolphins found in Atlantis Lost. Alternatively, swimming through the fallen rocks will allow you to see a miniature version of the eel behind the giant one.
  • In the beta version, there were two other dolphins in the Roaring Forces level. However, neither of them share the same skin as the dolphin found by making use of the level glitch.
DOTF Beta-roaring-forces-dolphin1

This beta screencap shows a dark-colored dolphin that was originally going to be in the entrance cavern before the eel chase.

DOTF Beta-roaring-forces-dolphin2

Another screencap from the beta showing a gray dolphin once found in the same room as the eel's curse puzzle.