Ecco The Dolphin Wiki
Puffer Fish
Puffer fish ecco
Echolocation Sprite N/A
Type Fish
Life 1
Attacks Passive
Weakness Charge, Sonar
Appearances Ecco the Dolphin
Puffer Fish
Puffer fish junior
Reaction Deflates.
Type Fish
Locations Multiple levels.
Appearances Ecco Junior

Puffer Fish are a harmful fish found in many levels of Ecco the Dolphin. They are usually a brown or orangish colour. In the Master System version they are green, but in Genesis they are brown. They appear in Ecco Junior as a sea creature, and are the objective of the level Home Sea.

In prehistoric levels they are replaced by the Trilobite. A schooling variety also exists.

Behaviour in Ecco the Dolphin[]

Puffer Fish swim faster than most fish and roam freely. They are very strong swimmers and have no trouble swimming in strong currents such as those in the Undercaves. Ecco can not eat them and instead must defeat them with his charge attack. Ecco will take damage if he physically touches them.

Some puffer fish will simply swim across the screen but others directly attack Ecco.