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The Pteranodon, a creature unique to the prehistoric levels.

During his first quest, Ecco used the Time Machine to travel sixty five million years into the past to search for the missing Asterite globe. This time period is known as the prehistoric era.

The geological state, fauna and wildlife are very different from Ecco's own time. One of the largest and most obvious differences is the presence of animals which are extinct in Ecco's time period. These include but are not limited to Pteranodons, Dunkleosteus, Trilobites and a unique species of jellyfish.


The Dunkleosteus are rampant in this era.

No terrestrial dinosaurs are even seen in the background or on any patch of solid land. The places Ecco visits are mainly in a volcanic state with shallow erupted islands spread throughout the area.

There is no evidence of a human presence in this time period. Perhaps the Atlanteans fled even further into the past, or to an entirely different time period.