Throughout the series multiple power and sonar upgrades are available.

Defender of the Future

Permanent Powers

These powers are permanent once obtained.

Song of the Fish

The song of fish can be used to rally a school of fish to Ecco. This serves different purposes including creating a shield to fend off attacks from dangerous fish or by using illuminating fish to light dark passages. The fish will only follow Ecco if he stays underwater and swims slow enough for them to keep up.

Song of the rays

The song of rays can be used on a Manta Ray to make it swim towards Ecco. It can be used as a distraction in certain levels on the sting-rays.

Song of the Shark

The Song of Shark is an addition can be used to stun Sharks and give Ecco a chance to attack.

Song of Turtle

The song of turtle draws a Sea Turtle to Ecco and Ecco can use this to lead turtles to areas. Swimming too far from the turtle will break the effect.

Temporary Powers

These powers wear off after a short time.

Power of Sonar

The Power of Sonar temporarily grants an increase in power. It performs the same function as the Death Sonar from classic games. It can break holes in rock walls and can damage and defeat larger enemies. It is learned in the return to the Perils of the Coral Reef.

Power of Vigour

The icon that appears on screen to show Ecco has the power.

The Power of Vigour gives Ecco a boost of strength for a short period of time. This power enables larger enemies to be taken down more easily, especially sharks. The power also lets him move and break large objects such as rocks and pass swifter currents. It is first found in Perils of the Coral Reef.

Power of Air

The Power of Air temporarily doubles the size of Ecco's oxygen bar while steadily decreasing until back to normal. It is used in levels such as Four Ways of Mystery that contain lengthy underwater passages with no place to surface for air. It first appears in Four Ways of Mystery.

Power of Endurance

The Power of Endurance temporarily increases the length of Ecco's health bar. It is useful in levels with lots of environmental hazards or dangerous creatures. It is first learned in Up & Down.

Power of Stealth

The Power of Stealth turns Ecco invisible for a short time. This allows him to evade enemies and get past obstacles that require him to be invisible. It is first found in Up & Down.

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