Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

Perils of the Coral Reef is the second level in Defender of the Future. Like the second level of Ecco 1, there is an exponential increase in difficulty. A number of species are introduced for the first time in this level including poisonous fish, poisonous jellyfish and Ecco's first physical contact with sharks.


  • Dolphin Race: A group of dolphins near the start of the level will challenge Ecco to a race around a circular area. For winning you will be rewarded with a vitalit.
  • Finding The Young Dolphin/Saving The Turtle: A dolphin wanting to train his younger brother to fight sharks will ask Ecco to go find him. When Ecco does he is asked to save his pet turtle from a school of sharks. After defeating the sharks the young dolphin thanks Ecco and taught him the Turtle Song. Ecco returns to the brother and leads him back to the brother. In return he is taught the Shark Song.
  • Crazy Fish Conquest: A dolphin within the open area surrounded by two sharks and bunch of fish is chasing a unique big fish. Normally if you interrupt him from chasing it, he is not willing to help Ecco teach the Fish Song needed to navigate through the caves. So in order to make him do just that, you chase the fish he is pursuing and gives in and teaches Ecco how to use the Fish Song.
  • Great White Lair: After obtaining both the Shark Song and Fish Song, you are ready to enter the caves that will lead to the White Shark's lagoon. Find a cave nearby and sing to the glowing fish to swim by you to see through the dark (alternatively if you go the cave with piranhas, would need to sing to the poisonous fish to deter them). Once you've enter the Lagoon, you sing to the Shark to make it attracted to eat you alive and swim through the tiny rock with caves to get it stuck and obtain the Power of Vigor. Then it will be annoyed and chase you around until you kill the miniboss which in return rewards you a vitalit by the waterfall as a added bonus.