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Ecco sneaking past Eight Arms.

A number of species of octopus appear in the Ecco games. They are aggresive and highly dangerous creatures which can kill Ecco in a matter of seconds.

The first octopus that Ecco encounters is a large one in the Undercaves referred to by the other sea creatures as "Eight Arms".

Octopus' will smack Ecco with their tentacles if he tries to swim past them, unless he is swimming very slowly using only the directional pad, and not the B or C buttons. They appear throughout a number of levels in the Ecco games and can not be damaged by Ecco.

Octo jr

In Ecco Junior, Ecco helped to free an octopus that was trapped in a body of weeds. This octopus was probably a young one and much smaller than its counterparts that appeared in Ecco the Dolphin.