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"The intruder at last! I knew you would reach me, despite your being everything we believe to be weak and inferior.

Your success makes me wonder what kind of world you come from, and what would result if you touched the prize I protect.

Perhaps a better world? Perhaps not. I cannot risk everything I know for the sake of curiosity! " —Mutaclone

Echolocation Sprite N/A
Type Clan
Life 5
Attacks Shooting icicles, charging
Weakness Disorientation
Locations Hanging Waters
Appearances Ecco: Defender of the Future

Mutaclone is a large white Clan, and the most decorated of the Exalted Ones. He is covered in spines and has a large horn on his beak, which can potentially unleash devastating damage in physical combat. The battle takes place within a special sphere where the Clan dolphin challenges Ecco to a fight.

The arena is a dark, gloomy place.


Mutaclone has the ability to fire sharp icicles at Ecco. When his shield has been destroyed he creates 2 copies of himself which are destroyed on collision. Mutaclone will then chase Ecco around the room and charge him.


In order to defeat Mutaclone his shield must first be deactivated, done by breaking the crystals (2 life each). Constant swimming is advised in order to avoid the constant stream of icicles. Once the shield has been deactivated Mutaclone creates 2 copies and Ecco must disperse these illusions to focus on the real dolphin.

Mutaclone will now chase Ecco, and Ecco must lead him into the crystal that has a fiery core. This core reverses controls, but it also dazes Mutaclone, enabling Ecco to hit him. Mutaclone cannot be damaged without being dazed, and will instead deal damage to Ecco on contact otherwise.