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The giant moray outside of the shell.

The Moray Abyss is a level in Ecco: The Tides of Time, and the lair of the Giant Moray. The Giant Moray lives here together with some smaller, yellow coloured morays. They smaller ones live in the cracks in the wall and slither in and out at will.

Game Advice[]

This level features an autoscrolling screen. The giant shell will bounce from wall to wall, forcing Ecco to move further down into the abyss. There are yellow fish that can Ecco can eat to recover health if he is injured. When the shell reaches the bottom, the Giant Moray will exit and charge at Ecco. During this time, Ecco must rapidly attack it with his Charge Sonar. Eventually, the Giant Moray will be defeated and the shell will explode, revealing two of the Asterite's lost globes. How they got there or what they are doing inside the shell is unknown.