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Maze of Stone[]

Maze of Stone is the 15th level in Ecco: The Tides of Time. It takes place in the present. It is one of the hard mode only levels.

Level Walkthrough[]

You will start in a pool with sharks, if you head to the far left and swim down you will swim past a small pathway past shells that can crush you. You will see a rock and and a path further down blocked by more rocks. Pushing the rock into the blocking rocks will open the path.

Swimming down you will find a larger open area with a ring of Stone Eating Star that you can use your sonar to push to the left and up the path you came from, the first opening on the right you can push the stars through into rocks which will be destroyed by the Stone eating stars.

The opening path will have winding areas which you need to find two Glyphs that will swallow rocks when you sing to them. Then swim back to the surface either from the way you came from or find two vents heading up on the right side for a faster path up. I recommend heading to the far bottom right for a sonar power up to make the rest of the level easier.

Then head to the farthest right and swim down taking the left fork you will find a Key Glyph that will give you a key when you sing to it.

Then head down the right path where there is a Dolphin who will say:

Sometimes you will need a key song twice from one key glyph.

Providing a hint for the next puzzle. Head up past falling shells and find the barrier glyph sing to it and return to the Key glyph for a second key. Then head back to where you found that dolphin and head further right and then down until you reach a dead end with rocks blocking the path. Just above more stone eating stars will spawn which you need to sing down and break those rocks. Then those same stars you need to sing down past the currents diagonally to the right and then right and down to break through more rocks.

New stone eating stars spawn here which you can sing to the left and head further down to find another glyph that will remove more stones.

Head back up to the surface and head right and use the stone to push past the currents and to the right, use the key to unlock the glyph and finish the level.