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Island Zone
Island Zone (2)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Find the exit.
Level # 11 (Genesis), 12 (CD)
Previous Level Cold Water (Genesis), Return to Open Ocean (CD)
Next Level Deep Water

Island Zone is the eleventh level of Ecco the Dolphin in Genesis, or the twelfth level in Sega CD.

The song that plays is Island Zone.

Area Information[]

In the first pool between islands you can find:

  • A current that leads to a dead end and a crab
  • A current that leads downward that you can use a rock to push down
  • An Orca here tells you "The storm that has taken your pod shook the entire ocean" before swimming away.
  • There's a lock glyph hidden here that acts as a barrier but you can swim around, it's at a dead end and singing to it has it say the same thing as the dolphin from Bay of Medusa. "I know not what has happened to your pod. | Perhaps the big blue will help you. | You must travel past the Undercaves to find him..."

Second and Third pool does not lead anywhere

Fourth Pool leads into the Fifth pool

Fifth pool

  • Go down left to through spikes to find a key glyph
  • Go down right to a purple eight arms, who is guarding the path to a lock glyph
  • Past the lock there is a maze of tunnels, swim down to the far left to find the key glyph in an opening with sharks and falling spikey shells
  • When swimming back through the tunnels the second tunnel up will have a lock glyph if you have the key glyph you can sign to pass this one and continue to Deep Water.

Sixth Pool

  • Has a dolphin that tells you: "All life in the sea is frightened this makes the sea a very dangerous place"
  • Has another Dolphin that tells you "Sing to shelled ones and they will heal your wounds"