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"You must be the one who made the sphere of the resistance vanish. We've all felt its ill effect. Compassion is a weakness! You will weaken us no more!" —Inferno (Exalted One)

Inferno (Exalted One)
Abyss ice and fire clan dolphin
Echolocation Sprite N/A
Type Clan
Life 5
Attacks Charges at spheres, charges
Weakness Spheres
Locations Hanging Waters
Appearances Ecco: Defender of the Future

The Exalted One in the Abyss of Inferno is the second Exalted One Ecco encounters in the Hanging Waters.


This Exalted One attacks by charging into orange spheres around his arena which will hurt on contact if they hit Ecco. The Clan dolphin will charge directly at Ecco if he swims too close.


Ecco must defeat the Exalted One by charging into the fire spheres located around the room and strike the Clan with them.