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"Those markings may fool stupid underlings, but they do not fool me!

The power of our most exalted one would destroy you easily! But you will never know, for I will finish you myself!''" —Ice and Fire (Exalted One)

Ice and Fire (Exalted One)
Ice and fire dolphin
Echolocation Sprite N/A
Type Clan
Life 5
Attacks Ice, Fire
Weakness Opposing element
Locations Hanging Waters
Appearances Ecco: Defender of the Future

The Exalted One in the Ice and Fire level is the first Exalted One Ecco encounters in the Hanging Waters.


This Exalted One shifts the element in his arena between ice and fire. The dolphin takes on one of these elements and will glow blue or red respectively.


When the Exalted One hits the opposing element he will be dazed and can be charged by Ecco.