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Home Bay
Home Bay (3)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Jump high then find the exit.
Level # 1 & 24 (Genesis)
Previous Level City of Forever
Next Level Bay of Medusa, The Tube
Password None

Home Bay is the first and twenty-fourth level of Ecco the Dolphin. This introductory area sets off the storyline when the Vortex harvest the oceans around Home Bay, abducting Ecco's pod and the life here.

Area Information[]

Home Bay is a simple level with no enemies. Leaping high enough in the sky with dash and maximum acceleration triggers the Vortex waterspout and the rock blocking the exit will disappear.

The dolphins will say:

How high in the sky can you fly?

The marks on your head look like stars in the sky

Charge small fish to feed and gain strength

Ecco, if we breathe air why do we live beneath the waves?

Sing to the shelled ones and they will heal your wounds

After Deep Water[]

You've returned to the home bay the very beginning of the game again after traveling back in time with the Atlantean Time Machine. Jumping high in the sky will trigger the Vortex waterspout once more but this time you will be taken to The Tube.