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"Bubbles here are not of air, they are of hanging water.

The trumpets announce new paths, and new paths lead to success. Do not be deterred.''" —Glyph

The Hanging Waters is an area designed by the Clan in order to protect the Sphere in their possession. It is a perilous and dangerous trial, and the longest level in Ecco: Defender of the Future. There are three sections to hanging waters, each split up by an encounter with one of the Clan's Exalted Ones.

Hanging waters is often regarded as the most attractive and most difficult level. It holds many cameos of previous games, including its presence over what seems to be a prehistoric island which includes Pteradactyls.


Ecco must find all of the Spheres in order to repair the Guardian, and the sphere in possession of the Clan remains at the end of this sky labyrinth. Using the Hanging Waters Generator Ecco accessed this network of mazes and water, and to obtain the final sphere he must travel through and defeat each of the Exalted Ones to receive it.