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Ecco the Dolphin II Prototype X11 - Globe Holder

The Globeholder is a giant, perhaps living, "prison" ball on chains that the future Vortex built around the Asterite's last two stolen globes. Ecco was forced to destroy it in order to reclaim the final pair.

To defeat it Ecco must first rapidly sonar it to detach the chain of bubble tentacles it latches itself to the wall with. After the tentacles have been severed, Ecco must continue to use his sonar to smash the Globeholder against the walls of the chamber. If the tentacles re-attach, the Globeholder will begin to heal. Eventually, the tentacles will dissappear. At this point, the Globeholder will attempt to smash Ecco against the chamber walls. Ecco must rapidly swim to avoid being crushed. After crashing into the walls several times, the Globeholder will stop moving. A sonar pulse will destroy the Globeholder.

After Ecco destroys the Globeholder, touching the final pair of globes will transport Ecco back to the present.