Ecco The Dolphin Wiki
Giant Seahorse
Giant seahorse
Echolocation Sprite 'Echolocation seahorse
Type Fish
Life 9-11
Attacks Tail whip, projectile
Weakness Charge, Sonar
Locations Jurassic Beach,
Trilobite Circle
Appearances Ecco the Dolphin

Giant Seahorses are dangerous foes in Ecco the Dolphin, appearing in some prehistoric levels. If left alone they will not harm Ecco, however they do block the path to important areas in several levels and must be beaten to pass through.

Ecco must find a way to either slide underneath or above the seahorse, or attack and defeat it. When attacked they will counter with their tails, shoot projectiles, or send their young to attack Ecco. They can eventually be defeated with the Charge Sonar, however this takes a fair amount of time.