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Fish often live in groups called schools.

Fish are a widespread creature in the sea, and a food source for many of the ocean's creatures including dolphins, whales and sharks.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Most are harmless, but there are some aggressive varieties, such as sharks. Other kinds can not be eaten and will damage Ecco if touched.

Schooling Fish can be eaten by Ecco to restore his health bar by charging through them. Some species react to Sonar.

Schooling Fish[]

Schooling Fish are edible fish that occur throughout the games in many types. Charging through them restores life.


Sharks are one of the many enemies in the Ecco franchise. Many of the shark species will attack on sight and can prove to be a dangerous adversary.


Pufferfish are harmful fish found in Ecco the Dolphin and cannot be eaten. They are a friendly creature in Ecco Junior.

Frogfish and Stonefish[]

Frogfish and Stonefish are passive creatures found in Ecco Junior.


Seahorses are a passive creature in Ecco Junior. Giant Seahorses are a troublesome enemy in the prehistoric levels of Ecco the Dolphin.