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The Exalted Ones are villains from Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of Future.

They are the trio of dolphins and the three leaders of The Clan.

Their number one leader is Mutaclone.

They are charged with the protection of the Clan's sphere in the Hanging Waters. 

Under their orders, the Clan engages in various horrifying atrocities like for example using whales as living generators. 

Ecco must defeat each one of them.

The Exalted Ones are each defeated in battle by Ecco.

Later they are erased from existance when Ecco changes the timeline.

The first two Exalted ones are identical in appearance with being grey and white dolphins wth a red tattoo and black and red spikes.

The Exalted Ones are a trio of Clan generals that are tasked with the protection of the Clan's sphere in the Hanging Waters. Ecco must face each one in their lair to reach the final sphere.

The first two Exalted Ones are identical in appearance, and neither are known by a name. The first seems to suggest that the second and third are more powerful than him, but other than Mutaclone's obvious power it is unknown whether the first and second are equal in power or not.

Ice and Fire: In the Ice and Fire level the first Exalted One awaits. This Exalted One harnesses ice and fire elements to attack Ecco.


In the Abyss of Inferno Ecco faces the second Exalted One. This Exalted One shows no obvious power, instead swimming into spheres to push them towards Ecco for attack.


Quote: Your success makes me wonder what kind of world you come from, and what would result if you touched the prize I protect.

Mutaclone is the head of the three Exalted Ones and the supreme leader of the Clan, and he is a major antagonist in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future.

Mutaclone is the most decorated of all the three generals.

He is a giant black and white Dolphin with red eyes and a red tattoo on his forehead.

Mutaclone, like his fellow Clan warriors and generals and two fellow Exalted Ones, has spikes surrounding his dorsal fin.

Unlike other Clan Dolphins, Mutaclone has a long, swordlike spike on his snout like a swordfish.

His fight arena is a very gloomy place.

Mutaclone has the ability to fire sharp icicles at Ecco.

Abyss ice and fire clan dolphin

Despite being the leader of the clan, Mutaclone is shown to be the least malicious and most honorable member of the Clan even going as far as to consider giving Ecco the trait of Wisdom under consideration that the world from which Ecco came from might indeed be a better world.

Mutaclone is the highest-ranking Clan dolphin, and the final Exalted One Ecco must face. Mutaclone is the most powerful of the Clan.