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Eight Arms
Eight arms
Echolocation Sprite 'Echolocation octopus
Type Cephalopod
Life N/A
Attacks Tentacles
Weakness N/A (invulnerable)
Locations The Undercaves, The Lagoon
Appearances Ecco the Dolphin

Eight Arms is the octopus that guards a section of the Undercaves in Ecco the Dolphin. In the Genesis version he is brown, while in the Master System version he is green. In The Undercaves his lair is at a crossroads that leads to a key glyph required to clear the level, and in The Lagoon an eight arms blocks a passage where Stone Eating Stars are needed to break a boulder. It reappears in Ecco: Defender of the Future as The Gate Keeper.

It cannot be defeated, and it occurs in different colours.


This enemy does not move, but Ecco must still be wary around it. To pass Ecco must swim slowly, otherwise the foe will attack and push Ecco away.