Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

An echolocation map from Ecco 1.

Echolocation is a very important skill which Ecco uses frequently during his journey. By pressing and holding the A button in an area where the sonar will not hit a glyph or another singer, the sonar will bounce back and hit Ecco; this will create an echolocation map on the screen. The echolocation map will show a small section of the area surrounding Ecco in the direction he is facing. Ecco can rotate and create echolocation maps in any direction. This is a very useful tool for finding your way out of caves, finding oxygen bubbles and food sources, spotting enemies, finding other singers, and showing Ecco areas that he has not been to yet.

In Ecco The Dolphin 2, the echolocation map displayed is much larger and shows very large pieces of the level.


An echolocation map in Ecco 2.

Perhaps this is because is Ecco is older in the second game and has become more skilled at echolocation. The larger echolocation map can be considered by some as lowering the game difficulty by cutting down on the exploration factor.