Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

Ecco the Dolphin the Comic was a comic arc featured under the Sonic the Comic franchise. Ecco stars in his own series & it follows the same basic plot as the first Ecco the Dolphin game. Ecco the Dolphin and Return of Ecco the Dolphin were written by Alan McKenzie. The majority of the art was completed by Steve White, although he replaced Chris Webster after just two parts. Lettering was shared between Tom Frame, Elitta Fell and Phoenix himself.


Abandoned in the seas due to the alien Vortex stealing away all his friends, Ecco travels the Seven Seas for the answers to secrets, hopefully leading to his family returning home. His journey is impeded by several threats, notably a shark ambush that is averted thanks to the help of a killer whale. The new friend leads Ecco to a glyph that warns Ecco that he must travel to prehistoric days to find his answers. The glyph transports him to a world of foreign creatures and dinosaurs and discovers a Vortex machine planted to ensnare unwitting creatures. The destruction of this causes Ecco to run out of water and is carried away by a pterodactyl. Fortunately, this flying monster is a friend and leads Ecco to a glyph in the sky. This jewel tells Ecco to visit the lost city of Atlantis and the pterodactyl drops him back in the sea, only just making it to another transport glyph before being eaten.

Back in a time, Ecco is soon attacked by a jellyfish and a polar bear, so Ecco uses his wits to set them on each other. He eventually swims to the sunken city and talks to a whole row of ancient glyphs. The powers within them unlock skills inside Ecco, such as knowing what the Vortex look like and extra firepower to destroy the Vortex machines he encountered earlier. Ecco can also now communicate with others over a longer distance and sense the enemy long before they appear. Returning to his own time, Ecco finds one of the machines but finds it protected by being known as The Asterite. Frustrated, the dolphin attacks this new foe, who holds Ecco in place while he talks. This alien reveals that with some help, Ecco could destroy the Vortex. The Asterite spread his body parts across the ocean when he first arrived on Earth to gain information, but one of his pearls has not returned. It is upto Ecco to find the missing Black Pearl and help the Asterite to save Earth's ocean life.

Delving down into the deep ocean, Ecco struggles against fierce currents and luminescent fish until he finds the pearl in the tentacles of a giant squid. Ecco uses his speed against this enemy but finds himself blinded when the squid uses a cloud of ink to escape behind. Ecco tracks the pearl and attacks the squid, causing him to drop it. The dolphin braves heavy pressure to retrieve the pearl, but its radiation causes him to pass out. Fortunately, the upcurrent rescues him before he dies and The Asterite is soon complete again. In thanks, The Asterite teaches Ecco the language of the Vortex. He also imparts a protective barrier that allows Ecco to leave Earth and survive in outer space.

Pretending to be just another Earth creature, Ecco tricks a gateway into sending him to the Vortex's homeworld. Once there, he gathers everyone from Earth together and tells them of a plan to save them. A spokes dolphin tells them not to stray behind, there is no chance to retrive any stragglers. Using the Vortex language, Ecco tricks the gateway that something is removing the stocks of food. His new powers overwhelm the sensor beam and disrupts the gateway. From Earth, The Asterite sends a tractor beam to Ecco which allows his friends to return home. However, the Vortex realise something is wrong and attempt to reverse the beam. The Asterite turns off the beam to allow Ecco to destroy the gateway completely. However, it is disappears too quickly, stranding Ecco. Panicking, Ecco calls for The Vortex to unwittingly help him. Ecco commandeers a Vortex vehicle and activates a vortex beam that allows him to return home. With the threat home, The Asterite warns Ecco that they may return, before the alien leaves Earth forever.