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An updated version of Ecco the Dolphin was released for Windows computers in 1995.

To distinguish it from the console releases, this version is often called "Ecco PC" or "Ecco for Windows 95" (a misnomer, as it also runs on older Windows 3.1). It must not be confused with the version that is currently sold on Steam, which is simply the Genesis version under emulation.

Differences from the original version[]

  • graphics redrawn in higher resolution (but losing all parallax scrolling effects)
  • CD Audio soundtrack from the MegaCD/SegaCD version
  • CG videos from the MegaCD/SegaCD version of Tides of Time
  • save/restore instead of a password system
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • translations to several languages

Caverns of Hope update[]

The original release of Ecco PC has compatibility issues with more recent versions of Windows. In response to this, a team from Ecco fansite Caverns of Hope updated it to run on modern systems. This project added a number of improvements, such as the ability to choose between the soundtracks from the cartridge and CD versions.


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