Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

Following the release of the original Ecco the Dolphin, Sega released a conversion for their 8-bit console, the Sega Master System. The game was completely reworked for the Master System and has many features not present in the Genesis version. This version shares the same graphics and music with the Game Gear version, however they are displayed at a higher resolution on the Master System. This game was only released in PAL countries.

One of the unique features of this game are the block puzzles. Key glyphs glow yellow in this version and are guarded by Piranhas. Ecco must push blocks through narrow passages with his nose, and into the area directly infront of the Piranha's lair. This will both prevent it from attacking Ecco and remove a physical obstacle obstructing the glyph. After Ecco touches the glyph, an animation of a small yellow glyph entering his body will play, and the glyph will lose its colour. Ecco can then remove a barrier glyph blocking his path.

As the Master System lacks a third action button, to use a charge attack the player has to press both face buttons at the same time.

This version gave names to areas that previously had no level name. One example is the Bay of Medusa, the second bay Ecco visits. In the Genesis version it was just the second section of the Home Bay level and had no title.

In addition to the presence of new enemies, some also appear in levels that they originally didn't in the Genesis version. For example, pufferfish now appear in the Bay of Medusa and crabs appear in the Undercaves.


1. Home Bay, password EAAAS

2. Medusa Bay, SQQCB

3. Undercaves, ECCOE

4. Ridge Water, SQQED

5. Open Ocean, SQQGE

6. Cold Water, SQQGF

7. Open Ocean (2), SQQIG

8. Deep Water, SQQIH

9. The City of Forever, EIIIK

10. Origin Beach, SQQKJ

11. Dark Water, EKKKI

12. Deep Water (2), SQQML

13. The City of Forever (2), EMMIL

14. Home Bay (2), SQQON

15. The Tube, EOOTZ

16. The Machine, SQQQP

17. The Vortex, QQQQQ