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Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin is an underwater adventure game created by Ed Annunziata and developed by Novotrade and Sega with games originally for the Genesis, Sega CD, Master System and Game Gear. A reboot of the series, without the involvement of the original team, called Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future was later created for the Dreamcast. The Ecco games involve playing as a dolphin named Ecco who must seek out and destroy an alien race that seeks to corrupt and destroy Earth.

The Little Blue / The Big Blue

Ed Annunziata is currently in the process of making a spiritual successor to the Ecco series called The Big Blue. A 2013 Kickstarter campaign attempting to fund the game was unforutuately unsuccessful. As a result, a prequel to that project is now in the works, The Little Blue, which will be a prequel to the Big Blue. Funding and development details about the new project are currently unknown. For more information about these games, please see The Little Blue and The Big Blue pages.


Fan Resources

Links to other fansites and pages related to Ecco the Dolphin and some of Ed Annunziata's other works can be found at Website Links.

News (archive)

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