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Earth is the home planet of Ecco and the setting for the Ecco the Dolphin games. It is orbited by a moon.

As Atlantis is the only landmass named in the games, the continental configuration of the planet may be completely different from that of our own world.

The majority of the planet's life forms are oceanic. The aquatic creatures include dolphins, whales, fish and some amphibious creatures such as crabs and seals. There are also sea birds and plant life on the land. However the existance of humans and terrestrial mammals is uncomfirmed.

There are a variety of terrestrial ecoystems including tropical islands and frozen tundra, though what lives on them is unknown. The planet has both warm and cold waters. In the cold watered areas, the temperature is so low that there are large ice formations under the surface. The planet's continental past is volcanic in origin, with many of the islands having started erupting sixty five million years ago.