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Dolphin's Nightmare is the third storyline in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future after completing Man's Nightmare; by deactivating Man's Salvation from destroying the Earth and being rewarded the second Noble Trait, Ambition.


After obtaining both Intelligence and Ambition, history changed course. Dolphins become aggressive beings and have forced humans from the seas, never to return. They built their own independent society under the waves, showcasing the dolphins seen in this section of the game were divided into two subtypes; Clan are militaristic dolphins and Outcast are water-breathing dolphins. According to a glyph at Anguish of Dearth, it says the following:

"Ambition and intelligence alone made dolphins arrogant and cruel. Coldhearted to their own kind, worse to those deem lesser."

It gives the player the idea about the dolphins of this section haven't changed for the better, rather for the worse without the other traits makes them quiver in fear while the aggressors will act upon violence to other cetaceans and their own kind. The Clan dominates on lower ranks based their hierarchy and discriminate Outcast for not being the Clan and are seen as little to them. Outcast are usually self-centered and not often think of others, but quiver in the fear of the Clan prejudicing them, most often surrendering themselves with some resisting against higher authority for their will. Both subtypes belittle other cetaceans such as whales.

The level set started by throwing Ecco into an Outcast village that had been cut off from their food supply by the Clan. After getting fish back to them, one villager helped him reach the nearby Clan outpost. There, Ecco found and rescued the leader of a secret resistance group that had formed in the Outcast village. All this time, the Resistance had been keeping watch over the Noble Trait of Compassion, but were afraid to touch the globe. The Clan had their own Trait which was later discovered to be Wisdom; they wanted the Resistance's globe for themselves. Ecco sent Compassion back and infiltrated a large Clan base. He tattooed himself with the rank of general and managed to get the Hanging Waters activated so he could fight the Clan's leaders, the three Exalted Ones. The third and last Exalted One, Mutaclone had the globe of Wisdom; Ecco sent it back, and history changed again.


  • Anguish of Dearth
  • Entrapment
  • Caverns of Hope
  • Lair of Evil
  • Powers of Levitation
  • Hanging Waters
  • Ice and Fire (Level)
  • Abyss of Inferno (Level)
  • Mutaclone (Level)


These are the characters that will appear in Dolphin's Nightmare.

  • Mutaclone (Only named individual out of the three Exalted Ones)