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Deep Water
Deep Water (1)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Find the Asterite.
Level # 12 (Genesis), 13 (CD)
Previous Level Island Zone Dark Water
Next Level The Marble Sea (Genesis), Volcanic Reef (CD) City of Forever
Password First Visit: PNZSURLZ

Return to Deep Water: WSGAKNLC

Deep Water is the twelfth level of Ecco the Dolphin in Genesis, or the thirteenth and twenty-second level in Sega CD. This is the first meeting of The Asterite for Ecco.

The song that plays is Undercaves.

Area Information[]

This zone marks the first meeting of the Asterite.

Swim down to the left to find a current, swim straight down and take the last pathway on the left.

There's a lot of spikes, crabs, and jellyfish here, so move carefully.

Take time to eat fish or sing to shells to recover health and take a gulp of air when you can the path will lead to the Asterite.

The Asterite will say when you sing to it:

I remember you

...Of course it was you... ...And it was I who sent you...

Now it is clear

I can help you by giving you powers and knowledge but... you must help me...

You must help me regain my full strength you must travel into the past

To the west is a sunken city called Atlantis

Its people built a machine and used it to travel in time...

Use the machine to travel to the distant past before you kind existed

You will go back 55 million year! There you will find my missing globe...

You must return it to me... Only then can I give you what you need to save save your pod

(The Asterite does say save twice)

Swimming to the left proceed to the Marble Sea on Genesis

Return after Dark Water[]

The level is the same as the first time but the Asterite has new dialogue once Ecco returns the orb.

Now I am whole again with all my power thank you Ecco!

Now I will help you I will give you new powers...

Use the Atlantean time machine to swim back in time to the house of the storm...

You will be taken with your pod... You will see the unseen enemy

Use this song to return to your home bay just before the storm

With your new powers perhaps you will save your pod

Then the Asterite will give you powers and heading left will bring you to City of Forever