Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

"Look at how puny you are. I cannot believe the low quality of you new Clan recruits!

I am a guard, not an usher. Open the door for yourself!''" —Clan

Type Dolphin
Abilities Organic Technology, Generators
Notable Individuals Mutaclone
Locations Dolphin's Nightmare
Appearances Ecco: Defender of the Future

The Clan are a large and aggressive breed of dolphin. They appear in Ecco: Defender of the Future as part of the Dolphin's Nightmare scenario, a time in history when the Noble Traits of Intelligence and Ambition were recovered, but Compassion and Wisdom were still lost in time.

They first appear in Entrapment.

Clan general

A clan general.


Clan dolphins are a large bulky breed. Individuals such as Mutaclone are exceptionally large. Most are bi-colored, and coloration seems to affect their rank. Clan generals are usually dark backed and white underneath, engineers or taskmasters are orange on the back, and others are brown.

Their dorsal fin and other fins are Orca-like in appearance. All have tusks and two row of spines along their back to a varying degree.


The Clan are a race found in the Dolphin's Nightmare scenario in Ecco: Defender of the Future. The Clan regard other pods little, and are known to enslave whales and dolphins for their bidding. The Outcast are their main target, and they frequently intimidate and attack them.

Many of their devices and technology is powered by the life of other creatures, notably the Hanging Waters Generator which is powered by enslaved whales.

The Exalted Ones are three Clan generals that are tasked with the protection of their sphere at the end of the Hanging Waters. Mutaclone is the only named individual of the trio.


The Clan use crimson markings to brand a rank mark on their flanks using a marking device in the Lair of Evil. The more decorative marks indicate higher-ranking individuals, and some objects can only be activated with certain markings.