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City of Forever
City Of Forever (2)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Active the Time Machine.
Level # 16 & 23 (Genesis), 22 (CD)
Previous Level Deep City Deep Water
Next Level Jurassic Beach Home Bay
Password First Visit: KXABRQL

Return to City of Forever: ZBPIGPLD

City of Forever is the sixteenth and twenty-third level of Ecco the Dolphin in Genesis, or the twenty-second level in Sega CD. It is the fourth and final Atlantis level.

Area Information[]

Swim up and to the left to find a high jump into another pool. You will need to clear all the jumps to progress

After Deep Water[]

The level is the same as the first playthrough however now Ecco no longer needs air and their sonar stuns enemies.

When you reach the Time Machine you can then travel back to the Bay of Medusa.