Ecco The Dolphin Wiki

Aquamarine Bay is the first level in Defender of the Future. Here, the player is given plenty of room and a some simple tasks to help them become acquainted with Ecco's controls. This level is peaceful, with no enemies to fight, though there are sharks just outside the level's boundaries.

Upon entering the level, a common dolphin comes to meet Ecco. If you continue to sing to him, he gives the player a rundown of how to navigate the world as a dolphin, though which buttons the player is required to press is not mentioned, probably due to the game being on both the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast.

Further out to sea, there are more NPCs to interact with -- a group of three dolphins playing Fish Fetch, and a humpback whale and her calf. Speaking to the mother whale will trigger a cutscene which shows the Foe ships finally breaking the barrier made by the Guardian. The resulting tremors cause a rockslide which trap the whale's frightened calf in a small cave. After Ecco gets help and saves the baby humpback, the mother whale blocks the current of the waterfall, allowing Ecco to progress to Atlantis, the home of the Guardian.


  • Fish Fetch: A trio of dolphins is found off the coast; two fish fetch players and their coach. The player must sing to the coach to start the game. After winning two games of Fish Fetch and performing a tailwalk, a Vitalit appears above the water. This objective is optional and not needed to reach the level's exit.
  • Save the Humpback Calf: After the Guardian's barrier is destroyed, the humpback whale's calf is trapped behind some large rocks. As per the whale's advice, Ecco must enlist the help of the two Fish Fetch players to move the rocks -- singing to the players will make them swim in unison with Ecco on either side of him. Ecco must then guide them to the cave and swim near the rock propping up the boulders trapping the humpback calf.