Ecco The Dolphin Wiki
Aquabay screen

Aquamarine Bay is where Ecco begins his adventure. It appears to be his home like Home Bay was in the Genesis games. The area has a sandy bottom and some plant life such as seaweed and moss. There are a number of rock formations and cliffs surrounding the area as well as drifting floating logs. It is mainly inhabited by dolphins, humpback whales and fish but sharks can be seen off in the distance. There seems to be a very strong current that prevents most sea life from exiting the area. It is strong enough that the seaweed can be seen rapidly swaying as if in a wind.

Side Objectives[]

Fish Catching Race: A group of dolphins are having a competition where they catch a certain coloured fish in their mouthes and race to bring it back to the leader. They invite Ecco to join in. After winning twice Ecco will be rewarded with a Vitalit that he must jump into the sky to get.